Months At Sea 2020.jpg

Months at Sea.


acrylic, oil, polychrome, fabric and brass on canvas

Article 35.jpg

Article 35.


acrylic on paper

No Stupis Questions with Nuance.jpg

Nothing Under Consideration is Touch Dry, 2020

Digital Rendering

The Door Was Locked Earlier.jpg

Insatiable Practices of Physick (After Max Ernst's Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale), 2020

Digital Rendering

Cowboy Theatre.jpg

No More Cowboys Without Real Beef, 2020

Digital Rendering

failures web.jpg

Failures 2019

Screen print collage

motor (scan overview).jpeg

Motor. 2019.

screen print

bird (scan overview).jpeg

Bird. 2019.

screen print

Chicago Bathroom.jpg

Shared Bathroom (scan) 2018

Digital Photo From 3d Scan

Chicago Basement Door.jpg

Basement Door (scan) 2018

Digital Photo from 3d Scan


Floor Bathroom Floor 2017

oil on canvas