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Interventions (CTA Performers Pass) 2018

The Interventions were carried out over the course of 3 sessions of recording and performing, props and minor direction was given to the performers who were all students in the Acting department at Chicago College of Performing Arts in exchange for Public Performer's Licenses for the Chicago Transit System.

The first session was prop directed with a large curtain secured to a costume rack, positioning itself as a mobile theatre. Stuart and Reed play the actors on a mobilized stage. Bethany directed the mobile curtain and Lindsey directed the lighting. The duration and travel itinerary was directed by the actors.


The second session is a game of chess played between Reed and the participating public recorded through a contact microphone underneath the chess board.

The third session was intended to be Stuart running lines from Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" with passengers in the CTA Tunnels. However, after a sudden rush of cops we had begun to doubt the legitimacy of the performers passes I had recieved.