Aluminum Portrait. 2019.

cast aluminum on angle-iron mild- steel wall mount

Aluminum Landscape. 2019.

cast aluminum with acrylic painting inclusion on angle-iron mile-steel wall mount

Piano Push/Pull. 2018

piano, cue ball, steel

Cue Ball set into a track that plucks the strings of the piano as it is pushed from side to side by participants.

You would have if you could have but aren't you glad you didn't? 2018.

steel, wood, aluminum

Mechanism that extends aluminum glove directly into the face of the viewer.

Wrestling Study. 2018.

Soft Sculpture mounted on plywood in Steel Frame with plastic cover and acrylic lens insert

Carnival Prize Fight. 2018.

 soft sculpture

Boxing gloves fabricated with proportions informed by the anatomy of the male fiddler crab.

Stage Fright. 2017.

painting on bent wood stretcher 

Installed in the mens bathroom in the first open stall.