Wind Turbine Generating, 2019

 This wind powered sculpture generates electricity which is then wired back into the steel frame generating an electrical current allowing the steel to consume electrons that would otherwise be taken from the aluminum propellers, degrading the connection between the steel axle and the propeller hub. This energy allows for the supporting structure and the mechanism for energy production to exist in a sustainable relationship. This sculpture developed out of making-based methods of research focused on how manufactured objects, such as radio flyer wagons, became an icon for americana, and how it may be compatible with the new eco-political landscape.

Working off of the largely youth driven call for environmental sustainability, and its utopian ideals, the intention is to bridge the aesthetic gap between this particular object of nostalgia/americana and the contemporary American political landscape. This piece demonstrates the literal and metaphorical relationship between supporting structures and the mechanisms that power those structures while illustrating a sustainable model between the two.
The piece references the works of sculptor Jean Tinguely, whose machines functioned to destroy themselves, although operating with the opposite intentions. The internal need for sculptural works and art as a whole, to be able to have a tangible, as well as metaphorical function, is present in both the artist’s work.

The Krasl Art center Public Sculpture Exhibition is on view through April 2020

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